Liberace’s Blue Room (Hollywood, CA)

follow url We had to break our self-imposed rule about using only original photographs to feature this one. Courtesy of the Brain Pickings blog, it’s an image from a rare book, Liberace Cooks, featuring “recipes from his seven dining rooms.” (The rooms in question were in his Hollywood Hills home, one of eleven that he owned.)

here The Blue Room, obviously designed to evoke a bar, was reportedly designed to provide hospitality to visiting “gentlemen of the press.”

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Riverwood Inn (Phillipsville, CA) — in memoriam, Loreen Eliason Unfortunately Padded Bars has no original photos of the Riverwood Inn‘s bar to offer, pending the next road trip. But we were there in 2011 to verify that the establishment has a nice curved, padded bar.

source url At the time, we spoke with co-owner Loreen Eliason, who related how she had recently re-padded her bar personally. That devotion to the cause, on top of the friendly welcome she provided, marked her out for the first-ever Padded Bars superstar award.

enter Sadly the award is now posthumous. We discovered earlier this morning when researching this post that Loreen passed away in November 2013. (An audio tribute to Loreen was broadcast by Humboldt County radio station KMUD.) It’s sad to hear about the loss of someone who by all accounts was a great lady: wonderful host and innkeeper, philanthropist, supporter of live music, and so much more.

swissquote opzioni binarie For now, these images will have to suffice. The first comes from the Riverwood Inn’s own website, while the second comes from Yelp. Img21