I hereby start the NDA (National Desktop Association)

corso opzioni binarie roma The only way you’re going to pry a personal computer that has multiple monitors and a usable, windowing desktop on all of them is from my proverbial cold, dead hands.


here That’s why I haven’t been much impressed with Windows 8’s simplistic “Metro” interface, and the “full screen” mode that Apple added into OS X doesn’t do much for me either.

opzioni binarie 2017 The circa-1991 photo below by Stephanie Rausser shows me using multiple windows — including one accessing the character-mode Internet via a modem and Procomm Plus software. I was also an early exponent of the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, as can be seen.

Operating systems that force you to focus almost exclusively on one task at a time make me think I’m stuck back in this 1958 photo, taken by my mom.


differenza tra opzioni digitali e forex  

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